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Hey UUers! The time has come, once again, for a brand spankin’ new episode of UKE MINUTES!

This time on Uke Minutes, Aldrine introduces a technique called “One Handed Harmonics” for you to play around with. For a refresher on regular harmonics (the non-one-handed kind) click & watch the replay of the “Harmonics & Palm Muting” Live Uke Lesson from November.

In other news, yesterday’s UU Forum upgrade went through smoother than whipped cream – so feel free to stretch your legs and bask in the newly improved Forum awesomeness *now spam-free*! Check it out, tell us what you think and if you need anything, the we’re always here to help!

Happy Valentine’s Day! UU [hearts] You!

-UU Staff

What Should I Learn Next?
“Artificial Harmonies”