Since the dawn of the Underground, UUers the world over have been working ’round-the-clock, in a concerted effort to completely transform the universal opinion of what an “ukulele song” should sound like.

We’re blasting “Tiny Bubbles” right out of the water.

So when it was suggested that there should be a new Uke Lesson for the unbelievably epic hit, “Billie Jean” (by the one and only King of Pop, Mr. Michael Jackson), we were all like, “Why the heck not?”

So here it is – simple, straightforward, and a hoot to boot – we hope not to offend anyone who loves this song, and hope beyond hope that you enjoy playing it! Take a little time, check out the lesson, master it, and share with all of your amigos here in the Underground. And, as always, if you’ve got questions, check out the Forum for help and advice (about pretty much anything).

-UU Staff

Ooh, One more thing! Don’t forget to check back reeely soon for details on this month’s UKULELE GIVE-AWAY CONTEST!!