Uke Minutes 11 – In-to-Out Picking


  • I´m a member and I can´t seem to watch the archived uke minutes….what do I need to do?
    jenben It only takes me to the minute comments and information about the lesson, but no link to the video. Help!

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  • you really make spectacular video's! i live on the stupid mainland where it's currently snowing outside, but over the summer I picked up a soprano uke in Hawaii and fell in love! learning has tricks and such is easy to pick up sense i've played guitar for a long time, but no other site I've been on actually taught helpful lessons like this! anyways, just really wanted to thank you for teaching these lessons in a way that is easy to understand, challenging to learn, and gratifying to play with fluency:) thanks!!!

  • is the concert uke and your uke pretty much the same?

  • This instruction on picking has been vey helpful

  • Really enjoy your website and all the tutorials. Will you ever be doing any instructions on flamenco ukulele playing?

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