Uke Lesson 2 – Summer Breeze (Seals & Crofts)


  • this is my cuzins song bra. glad you mad this vid thanx.

  • hey jtlee, the “chunk” is… well… I use 4 fingers (i dont use my thumb when chunking). On a chunk you use those other 4 fingers and kind of make a down strum with them (all at the same time), but you use your palm to mute the noise right after your 4 fingers hit the strings… It should sound kind of like a clap.

  • hey, i really appreciate the free videos, and am most likely going to join your 10 week program. but what my question is actually about is that i really dont understand the “chunk” and also, i am confused about what finger you use when you strum up. i am just starting, and that may be part of it, but i am a wee bit confused. a reply would be greatly appreciated. thanks – jtlee

  • hey love the lessons!!!! do you know where I can find a tutrial on stairway to heaven or samba pa ti. been lookin for a long time with no luck!!!!

  • Hi, thanks so much for these lessons! Keep it up!

  • Wait I’m wrong. Check the forum it’s Am Bm Am G
    for the chorus.

  • Seems like the Em Bm Am is over the chorus.

    (Em)Summer breeze (Bm)makes me feel fine
    (Am)Blowin’ through the jasmine in my mind

    The final chord of the chorus being a G.

    What you think?

  • Hi, I wonder if you could tell me the order of the chords on the chorus of “summer breeze”. I’m sure you mentioned it somewhere but I can’t seem to factor in where the Bm and Am chords come in!
    many thanks

  • thanks aldrine i got the whole picking down but im trying to get use to the strumming

  • This is great but i think a play along would be incredibly useful as well.
    Thank you so much for having these lessons.

  • hi, ive just come accross your vidio lesson, and i think it is great,and you make it so clear and easy to understand, i think you are doing a great job helping people to enjoy music without asking for money,ive just started to play the uke,i have been trying to learn the cuatro but it is very hard to find music,so im glad i have found your site,thanks again,keep up the good work

  • Also, is there another way to do a pinky mute? I have much difficulty with it and timing when I try to do it.

  • I am new to the uke and I love it, but I get really depressed cause I feel like I can’t do alot of things I see others doing easily, especially those who play guitar. Uke is my first instrument. Do you have any advice on how I can train my ear?

    however i was still left with some questions…what do u use Am, Bm and E for?
    You do the strum with Em, G, D, and A, then do the picking twice…(at the end of each picking u do a strum you dont explain) then how do you tranist back into the song…sorry i have alot of questions still

  • Hey Aldrine,

    I just visited Hawaii last week and purchased a ukulele. I love it!!! I am primarily a guitar player but I am having tons of fun with this thing. I found this lesson extremely informative, but I am noticing that every time I view it there is another advertisement over the video. I tried to sign up for the lessons but everything was written in Hawaiin …or Asian, I don’t know. Any advice on how I can view more lessons.



  • Hello Aldrine:

    Your videos are excellent. Even though they are relatively advanced I am able to work thru certain parts and there’s a lot of great stuff. Dampening using the pinky was a cool technique. The video, sound quality and instruction is great. I am a member of the Berkeley Ukulele Club in California. I will let everyone know about your site. Jeff West

  • very nice instruction, easy to follow, precise delivery as well. I’ve come across your youtube posts occasionally, and I have to say you have really surprised me with your instruction and your positive attitude. thanks for your hard work.

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