Uke Lesson 1 – Love Song (The Cure)


  • I know this is an older video, but I would love to see this in the play-along format that you have with many of the other songs! The visual graphics on the screen are a huge help. Thanks!

  • Is it possible that you have updated this song lesson with the accompaniment of the diagram system with the visuals of the chords and picking sections overplayed during your instruction? If not is it a possibility that you might be doing that with some of the early song lessons? Thx, this has been a great site for me as I travel a lot and of all the sites I’ve sampled this is the only one I’ve committed to financially!!!
    All the Best,
    Michelle seybert

  • Any possibility they’re still on the other site?? And is there a link??

  • I’m confused how you keep saying ‘we learned last time’, when this says lesson 1. I’m a complete novice.

    • before starting UU we were doing lessons for another website, the first few videos on UU were supposed to be the next lessons for the other website.

  • Exactly where do we use that A+9? Also It would be nice to see all the part put together. I’m confused about the composition. Hopefully the other videos will be easier. Seems hard for a beginner.

  • thank you so much…..because of you lessons…i can play better now….

  • I’m confused about the chords you offer here. On most chord charts online, they use an Em instead of going back to the G at the end of the phrase. Either sound okay, I guess. But also, you show us an Amadd9, but where do we put it in the song? You just use Am the whole time. The add9 is such a pretty chord, I don’t wanna leave it out!

  • Im having trouble with the picking part 2 when you hammer on the a string

  • I'm having problems muting the strings with my pinky…i'm thinking maybe my hands are too small? I have a concert size uke…should I get the smaller one? Are the fret boards/neck the same size??

  • I am very happy to meet this site. Thanks for your very useful lessons.
    i am a beginner and keep on pracicing through this site.

  • Thank you OMG!!! I'm a beginner who playes 5 different instuments also, so I never find the time to practice and really learn much. These lessons really helped patch up the awful sounds that my fingers have made. Thank you for all these awesome, FREE, lessons they are really helping

  • Found you on youtube as well. Im going to use these videos to help me learn how to play next month when i buy a ukulele, what kind of ukulele do you recommend for less than $100? Im thinking about getting a Ohana CK-10S Concert Ukulele from Is this a good one? I want a good quality one that i can use for a couple years while I learn.

  • Awesome, great site and now a new challenge to learn something new that I really like.

  • Mr. Guerrero,

    Thank you thank you thank you. for the first time in my life I believe that I will one day be able to play some music. That means something to me, because I’ve never felt any kind of ability. Maybe I just never had a good teacher. You rock. If you’re ever in Key West come stay with my wife and me. We live on a beautiful boat with two great cats. My wife is a great cook and we would love have you visit.
    Your friend and pupil,

  • You refer to the video before, yet this is titled lesson 1? Am I missing something?

    I love the site!

  • Thanks alot u save my life!!!! i was looking for the tab for this song. this song was so important to my friend and your tutorial was so useful. Ukulele was the only resemble of my time in Hawaii, but now i no longer there now so playing ukulele make i missed Hawaii a lot

    ps. while you’re doing the picking did u using the electric uke? cos i don’t think my ukulele can do a long dragging sound like that? (or my is just a cheap one = =)

  • I’ve had my ukulele for a little over a year now. I had dabbled here and there but since I’m so brand new at this it can be disheartening. I only stumbled upon this site a couple of weeks ago and thanks to you I am so excited about playing. I can actually make sounds that resemble a song and that’s motivation to play. I catch on fast although my fingers seem to rebel on some of the chords now and again…I’m winning. Hehe. I can’t believe this is free. You should have a “make a donation” or “tip jar” button because I can tell you, I’d tip for these lessons. Keep up the good work. As soon as I become more confident in my ability to play I’ll pass on the wonderful sounds of this beautiful instrument to others. Thanks again!

  • Wow!! ^_^ i first saw your videos on Youtube but then I found this website!!

    You’ve inspired me to play the uke too!! ^o^

    i really REALLY want to buy one O_O but i dont have any money ;_;


    by the way.. your lessons are like BETTER THAN PROFESSIONAL ones you have to pay for!! i enjoy watching them even though i dont have a uke!! -^__^- good job!! ^o^=b

  • I can’t get the audio to sync, even if I wait or it to load completely, then play it there is a big lag. Any suggestions?

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  • Nice editing on the beginning. 😉 hahah

  • Aldrine on the curly-baby-slide was my favorite part of the lesson!

  • Yes, thanks so much guys. this new player is very nice too. i like it a lot better. UU staff, you did a very good job with the site!

  • When your on the island ya got to stop at ONO”S. The name says it all. Thanks Aldrine…

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