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  • The phrase “These models usually describe a traditionally-sized ukulele body, with the scale (fretboard) length of a larger model” is confusing. Scale length and fretboard length are different things.

    • Hey Nick!

      Woah, very nice catch! This article was written a very long time ago and you’re the first person to notice this. Just edited it so everything should be good now. A huge MAHALO & keep strummin’!

      -Aaron (& the UU Staff)

  • can a baritone be tuned in the GCEA? It seems that everyone has a diffrent thought about. some say yes some say know.

  • Hey guys, I'm new to the Ukulele world and I must say that I'm impressed. I've been playing guitar for the last 17 years and mandolin for the last 2 years, but I've never found sounds so joyfull and smooth as those we can get with a uke. That's it… I'm in love! But there is a problem. I live in Quebec, Canada and there is no ukulele stores in all the province!!! I know, It's a shame! So I had to buy the cheapest ukulele possible in the nearest music store. I have fun with it, but the sound is not as good as it should be… So, is buying online's a good option? If it is, what and where should I buy? I'm looking for a tenor ukulele, and I would like to pay around 300 to 350$ . Can I have someting good with 350$ or should I pay more? oh and last thing…. What about the strings? Ist true Aquila is the best there is?

  • I have larger hands. I have a standard uke and am having a lot of trouble with clean chords Are there ukulele’s with wider fretboards?

  • have a question. On the baritone uke, do you have to play all your chords different?

  • I’ve been looking around for a good amount of time now trying to decide what type of Ukulele I should get, I would just be starting out. I’ve heard that it’s usually best to start on a Soprano Uke, but all the music I’d be trying to imitate, and learn from, is done on on a Tenor. Is there a specific size I should be getting as a beginner?

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  • I recently got a Ukulele from my grandfather, he says it’s 60 years old AND it’s in really good condition considering it was in a paper bag. The local music store says it’s a soprano but it only has 12 frets. Is it still a soprano?

  • Thanks for catching that, Dominator! Sorry about that guys, I’ve got 13.5″ in my notes too, but must have typed it out wrong when I made the post – Sorry, we’ll change that!

  • Nice work guys. One note, though there are some different scales for a soprano, I believe the most common scale for the standard soprano ukulele is 13.5 inches.

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